GPS Tracking with nursery services in Germany

Results of SELECT’s working package 2 show that the average driving ranges of mobile nursery services are within the range of modern electric vehicles. These figures are mostly based on stated assumptions, which were proofed with a GPS measurement of conventional vehicles of four different nursery services throughout Germany by DLR.

(Photo credit: DLR)

The measurements have been conducted between January and April 2015 and comprised fleets between eight to 24 conventional vehicles. The vehicles were equipped with on board GPS devices to collect the number, the characteristics and the driving patterns of all trips during a period of two to three weeks. In a survey that was carried out preliminary in 2014 the involved companies stated that their vehicles drive between 100 and 250 km per day. With the help of the collected GPS tracks the potential of electric cars in this specific business branch was depicted. The GPS data serve as a basis for the development of a commercial fleet management software designed for mixed commercial fleets with electric and conventional vehicles. The development of the software tool is done by the Austrian project partner AIT.

GPS measurements were conducted in Austria, Denmark and Germany with different business branches. Recommendations for practitioners and decision makers will be derived from the surveyed data in the last step of the project.

SELECT Stakeholder Workshop in Copenhagen, Denmark

The SELECT Stakeholder workshop in Copenhagen on the 18th of November, 2014 with more than 40 participants involved industrial stakeholders, planners and policy makers.

The first part of the workshop included dissemination of information to stakeholders regarding factors underlying the introduction of electric vehicles to the commercial sector: perceived motivators and barriers, travel and activity patterns, optimal charging infrastructure distribution.

The second part of the workshop consisted of a multi-actor-multi-criteria decision conferencing for analyzing the impact of policy initiatives and resolution of subjective barriers on the market diffusion of electric vehicles in the commercial sector. The information will be used to identify the actions necessary to introduce electric vehicles in the commercial sector.

Thank you to all participants, here you can find some impressions of the workshop.

GPS Measurements in Austria

(Photo credit: DPD)
(Photo credit: DPD)

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First results from WP 2 were used to focus on branches and come in contact with fleet operators in the area of commercial transport.

In Austria the logistics company DPD Direct Parcel Distribution Austria GmbH and retailer REWE International AG are first partners for GPS measurements. Both partners are focused on fleet and transportation management causing less impact on the environment and can be considered as potential substantial (early) adopters of electro mobility in Austria.
Vehicles are equipped with on board devices to collect the number and characteristics of actual trips for a defined period. The data will be used to figure out the potential use of electric vehicles for commercial transport based on the driving patterns and derive recommendations for further investigations.

For more information about the partners visit: and

SELECT work has started

SELECT teams in Berlin, Copenhagen and Vienna have started work in WP2 “Setting the Scene – Mobility Requirements of Commercial Transport” which analyses commercial transport with a special focus on electric mobility requirements. DLR, DTU and AIT look at available vehicle technologies, usage patterns and trip characteristics, the overall fleet management as well as the organisation of short- and long-term vehicle deployment of a variety of actors in commercial transport.

SELECT Kick-Off in Berlin

On 18 September 2012 SELECT was officially started in Berlin at the premises of the German Aerospace Center’s Institute for Transport Research (DLR).

SELECT presented at Electromobility+ launching seminar in Paris

Sebastian Schneider, SELECT project coordinator, presented SELECT at the Electromobility+ launching seminar in Paris on 13 September 2012. Electromobility+ is a funding initiative in the frame of the ERA-Net Plus scheme of the EU 7th Framework Programme. With the help of this initiative 20 research projects from 11 countries and regions are funded in order to contribute to the roll out of electromobility in Europe.

Find the SELECT presentation (PDF).